1) What city are you based in?

I am based in Kansas City, Missouri.

2) Hours of availability?

Kansas City, Missouri: 8am - 11pm
Tour: 10am - 10pm
*A Deposit of +50 is required to hold & secure a meeting outside of these hours in Kansas City and while on tour.

3) Are you newbie friendly?

Yes, I adore newbies. Please fill out my newbie screening form.

4) How can I get blacklisted?

Being vulgar and asking for services. Explicit text or emails. Blacklist reports. Asking for BBFS, Negotiating rates, sending pictures, bad hygiene, drug talk, showing up under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Rudeness, being late to an appointment.

5) Would you ever visit my city?

Please sign up for my mailing list to be notified of when I will be visiting your city.

6) How can I follow you on social media?

Twitter: @kayden_karter


**I do not have an Onlyfans or Snapchat account

7) Do you offer Incall or Outcalls?

I am only offering incalls at the moment. Outcalls are not available.


8) I have references, why won't you accept them?

I do not accept references from the following:  

- References older than 6 months
- Providers with no web history
- Providers unverifiable on verified sites,
- Providers that only post on Skip The Games or any other free websites
- Providers with no personal website
- Providers with no recent reviews
- Providers with no board presence
- Providers who don't give references

Note: Please understand that this is nothing personal against you or your references. This method has worked for me and I am much more comfortable doing things this way so please respect it.

9) Do you provide doubles?

No, I do not provide double meetings. Solo meetings only!

10) Are you reference friendly?

Yes, you can only use me as a reference for 6 months after we have met. If you have ever been rude, shorted me on my donation, shown up late or NCNS a meeting then I will not provide a reference for you.

11) Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes. If you cancel AFTER I have confirmed our meeting I require a 50% cancellation fee for the cancellation of that meeting. Same day cancellations will result in you being charged 100% of the fee for the time that you booked.  While on tour, If you cancel 12 hours after I have confirmed our meeting you will be charged 100% of the fee for the time you booked. If you cancel less than 72 hours before our meeting you will be charged the full rate for the time you booked.

12) How long does screening take and what does it consist of?

-If you are a newbie I can have you screened in less than 30 minutes if you provide the necessary information.

-If you provide references it depends on how quickly your references get back to me. Please notify your references that you have used them as a reference so that they can be expecting me to contact them. By doing this it may result in a faster verification.

-Please be patient during the screening process by giving me time to respond to you. I have started to tour so I am now booking for several cities at once. If your city is further down on my schedule then I may take a little longer to get you screened so please be patient.

-While on tour I do not accept references if you contact me for a meeting once I reach your city. You MUST fill out my newbie screening form,no exceptions. My time is very limited while on tour so I do not bother reaching out to references. My newbie screening takes less than 30 minutes and I don't have to reach out and wait for references so this method is better for the both of us :). I will accept P411 references as long as your OK's are up to date (within 6 months) and they are reputable.

13) Are deposits required to secure a meeting with you?

- Yes, If you book outside of my normal hours. 

- If you book more than 90minutes. If you have ever showed up late, rescheduled, postponed or cancelled a meeting with me. NCNS results in permanent blacklist.

- Anyone under the age of 26 is required to pay a deposit to secure a meeting.

- Deposits are now required in order to secure a meeting while I am on tour.

14) What services do you NOT offer?

No Dfk, Anal, BBFS, CIM, Stripper Slide, FIV, COF, Massages, FIA.

15) Do I have to be screened? I am verified on P411

Everyone must be screened directly by me. I do not rely on websites to screen for me. I use sites for advertisement ONLY. I screen everyone, your website affiliation makes no difference to me.

16) What forms of payment are acceptable?

I accept cash, venmo and cash app. All electronic payments and deposits are subject to a processing fee of my choosing. If you would like to pay your entire donation electronically please confirm with me PRIOR to your arrival. Otherwise there will be a +50 inconvenience fee added to your rate.

17) Do you have same day and short notice availability?

Yes I do. If I have previously met with you or screened you in the past then I can accommodate same/day short notice.

18) Are you couple friendly?


19) Do you have Onlyfans or Snapchat?


20) Do you sell pictures or offer virtual meetings?


21) Can I record or take pictures during our meeting?


22) Can I prebook?

Yes, I absolutely prefer prebooked appointments. I offer prebooking specials for those who prebook before my arrival to your city. Must signup to my mailing list to receive the codeword.

23) Do you take outfit requests?

Yes, Any outfit that you see on my website in my "Summer 2021" album is what you can request. Your meeting has to be prebooked before I leave for tour to your city if you would like for me to honor an outfit request. I do not take same day outfit request while on tour. If there is an outfit that you would like to see me in that I am not pictured in you are more than welcome to buy me the outfit you would like to see me in. All outfit requests are +25! 

24) Are you fetish friendly?

Unfortunately,  I do not cater to any fetishes.