If you would like to schedule a meeting with me for the first time please fill out one of the screening forms provided on my website. I will not be able to properly screen you for a meeting if you do not complete my screening form. After screening and verifying you, we will agree upon a day, time and appointment length. I will text or email you an hour before our meeting time to confirm our meeting. I will wait no longer than 30 minutes for a confirmation text from you. If you do not respond within 30 minutes of me sending the confirmation text our meeting will be considered a NCNS and you will have to pay 100% of the rate we mutually agreed upon. You will be permanently blacklisted if you fail to make the payment.


If you contact me in attempts to discuss rates, services, talk me down on my rate, services that I DO/DON'T offer I will immediately block you. Please be respectful and discrete when contacting me.


When our meeting is over please be respectful and mindful of that by allowing me to end at the proper time. Please don't be pushy or rude about it, if you desire to spend additional time with me let me know as soon as possible. If my schedule allows us to book additional time, I would be more than willing to accommodate your wish. Our time may continue after the donation is paid.


Please show up on time, fresh, clean and ready to enjoy one another's company. I will be freshly ready upon your arrival. You can expect me to be dressed in some lingerie with lightly scented perfume on. If you need to shower or freshen up please do not hesitate to ask me. I will always have toiletry items available for your personal use. If I offer you a mint, shower or a wash cloth please be a gentleman and accept my offer :)


At the beginning of each meeting I will always go over my rules, expectations and restrictions. Please respect the boundaries that I have personally set and established for myself. These things will allow me to feel safe and comfortable in your presence while providing the best experience that I possibly can. If you violate or disrespect those boundaries in any way, shape or form our time together will end abruptly. To avoid any awkward, uncomfortable or dangerous situations please respect my rules and I guarantee you that we will get along just fine :)


Upon entering my incall please be a gentleman by placing the donation on the table or counter, excuse yourself to the restroom and freshen up while I make sure everything is good :). For discretion purposes while in a public setting please bring a small bag or envelope and place the donation inside of it.